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The entire contents and layout of this website are protected by copyright. The use of entire pages, specific content, or components is only permitted with the prior consent of Christian Ries. Infringements will be prosecuted under civil and criminal law. Under the regulations set out in press law, the German Interstate Media Services Agreement [MDStV], and the German Teleservices Act [TDG], Christian Ries is responsible for the contents of this website as well as for the newsletter sent out by the law firm at irregular intervals.

The legally accredited professional title of "tax adviser" was bestowed in the Federal Republic of Germany (federal state: Bavaria).

The profession of tax adviser is essentially subject to the following provisions of German occupational law:
(a) Tax Consultancy Act [StBerG]
(b) Statutory Order on the Implementation of Rules Governing the Tax Consultancy Act [DVStB]
(c) the Occupational Order [BOStB]
(d) Tax Advisers' Fees Directive [StBVV]

The applicable professional regulations can be viewed at the relevant Chamber of Tax Advisers for Nuremberg, at Karolinenstraße 28, 90402 Nuremberg, tel. 0911/946260, fax 0911/9462630.

The entire contents of the website and the newsletter sent by the law firm is no substitute for the advice given to clients in particular situations. The website and newsletter only contain general information and the law firm can therefore accept no liability for claims arising from this information. A client relationship cannot commence through the use of the homepage and its contents, nor through the provisions of a newsletter.

Sending an email containing a specific request will not, on its own, initiate a client relationship. Should a client relationship exist, the law firm cannot accept responsibility for communication by email or via the features of this website as no guarantee can be made as regards receipt or the receipt time.

I have no control of the content and design of linked websites; I therefore expressly disassociate myself from the contents of all pages and sub-pages which are linked to my homepage or sub-pages, or which can be accessed via the links.

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